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Barça Borges take derby win (36-29)

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23.03.2011 22:09

Barça Borges take derby win (36-29)

Llorenç Tarrés

Barça Borges beat Fraikin Granollers in an intense Catalan derby game to chalk up their 23rd win on the run. The visitors put up a good fight, but in the end Barça’s superior talent saw them through.

Barça Borges take derby win (36-29)


FC Barcelona Borges (16+20):
Saric (Sjöstrand); Víctor Tomás (4), Igropulo (2), Sorhaindo, Jernemyr, Noddesbo (5), Juanin (7) –starting seven-, Sarmiento (4), Rutenka (2), Raúl Entrerríos (1), Nagy (7), Iker Romero (4) and Rocas.

Fraikin Granollers (13+16): Ohlander; Svitlica (6,), Campos (1), Grundsten (3), Malasinskas (5), Antonio García (6), Nikcevic (1) –starting seven-, Blanxart (2), Nenadic, Resina (1), Salva Puig (2), Raigal (2) and Manel (keeper).

Scores (every five minutes): 3-2, 6-3, 8-4, 10-9, 12-11, 16-13 (half time), 21-16, 24-21, 27-23, 29-25, 31-27 and 36-29 (full time).

Referres: García Serradilla and Martín Lorente.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana. Attendance 2.724.
Barça were three goals up at half time after a great start that saw them race to an 8-3 lead before Granollers fought back to draw level. In the second half, Barça’s teamwork and greater talent saw them round off an important win, with the final seven goal difference the maximum distance between the two. The day after Iker Romero announced he would be leaving the club, he helped set up this big win with four goals.

Early lead

2011-03-23_FCB_BORGES_-_FRAIKIN_BM_GRANOLLERS_002.JPGThe game began in typical derby fashion with both teams showing great intensity, but with the defences having the upper hand. However, with the scores at 2-2, Barça surged ahead with two very well received Iker Romero goals and one from Juanín to take it to 5-2 and force Manolo Cadenas to call a time out..

Barça continued to dominate though, as they have been doing all season and with a solid defence, a spectacular Saric and goals from Juanín, Igropulo and Noddesbo took the scores to 8-3. But whenever Ohlander appeared, the visitors increased their intensity and with Svitlica and Antonio García on target they showed why they are having such a good season, drawing level at 11-11 before two goals from Rutenka, another from Juanín and some great stops from Saric gave Barça a 16-13 lead at the break.

More talent and greater strength on depth

2011-03-23_FCB_BORGES_-_FRAIKIN_BM_GRANOLLERS_014.JPGAfter the break a long distance effort from Nagy( who scored six in all), a counter from Juanín and a brilliant save from Saric helped to stretch Barça’s lead to six goals again(20-14). A few questionable decisions from the referees left Barça with just three players on court at one point and Granollers took advantage to again cut the lead down (24-22).

Barça Borges didn’t wilt though and despite the visitors’ fight back, they again stretched out their lead to five goals (29-24) and Granollers now had no answer. Barça brought on Sjöstrand, who sharpened up the defence and made some great interventions, whilst the forwards show no mercy and racked up seven more goals to finish with a winning margin that was perhaps harsh on the visitors, but represents a big step towards the league title for Barça Borges.

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