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Barça Borges make strong return (25-34)

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05.02.2011 19:37

Barça Borges make strong return (25-34)

The World Cup over, Barça Borges got back to work at Torrevella and looked mightily convincing as they won by nine points.

Xavi Pascual’s side did what they had to and more in Torrevella, their first league game of the year, and looked solid from start to finish as they consolidated their top place in the Asobal.

With Saric stunning and Siarhei Rutenka topping the day’s scoring, the coach could even afford to give run outs to juniors Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Aitor Ariño.

Strong start

2010-10-19_FCB_BORGES_-_CUENCA_2016_004.JPGBarça Borges could not have asked for a better start, and by the end of the first half were already five up. Despite such dominance, FCB didn’t let their concentration drop for a second, and Daniel Saric was amazing to only concede 19 goals of 44 attempts. With such solid backing, the forwards were able to take gambles, and Siarhei Rutenka ended the game with eight goals from 10 attempts.

Time for youngsters

With the result decided and several players still in need of a rest after the World Cup, Xavi Pascual decided to test some of his younger players. Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas took over in goal from Saric, and performed excellently, while Aitor Ariño was also given ten minutes to prove himself.

There was no danger of Barça Borges losing. They led by eleven in the 44th minute (15-26) and with no way back for Torrevella, the ultimate win means they stay top of the league for one more week, and can now look forward to their first game at the Palau of 2011.
Barça Borges make strong return (25-34)
Match stats

Torrevella (11+14):
Pejanovic, Peciña (2), Rochel (-), Lykke (1), Pellitero (2), David Cuartero (4), Fernández (1) – starting seven – Simonet (1), Diego Simonet (5), Matías (9)

FC Barcelona Borges (16+18): Saric, Sarmiento (1), Ugalde (3), Rutenka (8), Rocas (2), Oneto (5), Igropulo (4) – starting seven – Pérez de Vargas (ps), Entrerríos (-), Sorhaindo (4), Romero (2), Nagy (5), Jernemyr (-)

Periods (every five minutes): 1-5, 2-6, 5-10, 6-13, 8-14, 11-16 (half-time), 13-18, 15-22, 16-26, 19-28, 22-31, 25-34

Referees: García and Fernández

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