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12.12.2009 20:06

Decisive second half (36-30)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges have won their last game in the first phase of the league against CAI Aragon in a hard-fought game. In a decisive second half, Igropulo, Rutenka and Ugalde were Barça’s key players.

CAI put up a fight

2009-12-12_FCB_BORGES_-_CAI_BM_ARAGON_006.jpgThe game began with CAI wanting to make their mark, with the Stankovic-Arhenius partnership causing a lot of damages to FC Barcelona Borges. The teams were evenly matched for most of the first half, and whilst CAI looked like they might take a big lead, but in the end the score was a surmountable 17-18.

A better Barça

After the break, Cristian Ugalde made it 18-18 straightaway, and from there on in, Barça had the upper hand. Then Barça came up with a 3-0 partial score, and then an even more impressive 6-0 to make it 31-24 in the 17th minute. During the final stages, Barça focussed on controlling the game whilst trying to expose their opponent’s weak spots.
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)

FC Barcelona Borges (17+19):
Saric (Barrufet, p.s.); Tomás (4), Igropulo (8, 3p.), Garabaya (3), Jernemyr (0), Boldsen (0), Ugalde (5) – starting seven -, Iker Romero (4, 2p.) Hansen (0), Oneto (1), Nagy(0), Rutenka (8) iandSarmiento (3).

CAI BM Aragon (18+12): Malumbres (Pablo Hernández, p.s.); Cartón (4,2p.), Stankovic (3), Arrhenius (6), Sergio Ruiz (0), Grebenar (4), Stojanovic (3, 1p) – starting seven - Larsson (6), Prendes (3), Maqueda (1) and Lamadrid (0).

Referees: Rodríguez Rodríguez and Fernández Fernández.

Partial scores: 3-4, 7-6, 9-9, 12-12, 15-15, 17-18; 22-21, 25-24, 28-24, 33-25, 34-28, 36-30.

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