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01.12.2009 21:21

A record score (33-13)

Ver˛nica DÝez

FC Barcelona Borges have beaten Torrevieja 33-13 and established their third best defensive performance of the Clubĺs Asobal history.

Xavi Pascual’s men are a force to be reckoned with and proved that against Torrevieja. David Barrufet was back after a month-long injury layoff while Igropulo was top scorer with 8.

Over at halftime

2009-12-01_FCB_BORGES_-_CBM_TORREVIEJA_005.jpgThe Alicante-based outfit started with goals but Barša scored 5 without reply leaving the scoreboard at 5-3. From this point on Barša pulled further and further ahead until a partial score of 4-0 just before the break left Barša 18-8 ahead.

Without pity

2009-12-01_FCB_BORGES_-_CBM_TORREVIEJA_016.jpgThe Barša Borges players continued to push hard in the second half and a partial score of 4-1 put Barša 22-9 in front. The visiting players found it impossible to get past Barrufet while at the other end Igropulo produced a personal partial score (5-1) that left Torrevieja trailing by 16 goals (27-11)

Two minutes from the end, Laszlo Nagy made it 33-12, the biggest lead of the game.
A record score (33-13)

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