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27.11.2009 22:36

No stopping Barca Borges (25-37)


Barca had no problems in seeing off Arrate 25 – 37 in a game they dominated from start to finish with Juanín, Igropulo and Nagy outstanding and the defence key to the win.

Barça Borges put on a real exhibition against the struggling Basque team and added to their recent run of good results as they head for the final stretch of the Asobal.

Perfect trio

Juanín García, Laszlo Nagy and Konstantin Igropulo formed the perfect trio in the first half: the Saniard scored twice as did Nagy and Igropulo scored 4 in the first 10 minutes which together with 8 stops from Saric virtually ended any Arrate resistance. Barca's rock solid defence was supported by superb counterattacking, which resulted in six goals and took them to a 11-19 half time lead.

No let up

The team didn't let up in the second half and the same story of strong defence, fast counter attack and inspired performances from Juanín and Igropulo was more than enough to see off Arrate and take the points.
No stopping Barca Borges (25-37)

Arrate (11+14): Voncina (Moyua, ps), Törö (3, 1 p.), Beljanski, Berrios (1), Harsányi (3), Rédei (4), Cutura (5, 1 p.), Sergio Cid (2), Marc García (2, 1 p.), Arroyo (1), Tokic (3), Iker Serrano (1) and Gorka Garate.

FC Barcelona Borges (19+18): Saric (Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, ps.), Juanín García (10), Garabaya, Sarmiento (1), Iker Romero (1), Nagy (5), Boldsen, Igropulo (11, 5 p.), Noddesbo (4), Jermenyr, Rutenka (1), Hansen (1) and Rocas (3).

Scores: 2-4, 3-8, 5-11, 7-13, 10-17, 11-19; 12-22, 14-23, 18-26, 21-29, 22-34, 25-37.

Referees: Bellano and Belloso

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