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07.11.2009 17:51

A “Champions” defence (28-22)

Verónica Díez

FC Barcelona Borges beat Ademar de León 28- 22 thanks in large part to some excellent defensive work and another fine performance from keeper Saric.

After a tentative start, Barca began to impose themselves on the game and although Ademar never gave up, they were always chasing the game.

5 goal flurry

2009-11-07_PARTIDO_040.JPGBoth defences were on top at the start of the game and the first goal wasn't scored till the third minute when Stranovski rounded off a counter attack. Although Martins then put the vivitors two up, Barca soon took control and were 4-3 up on 10 minutes, a lead that they never again let go of.

Juanín García led a 5-0 torrent of goals to really hammer home their advantage and Xavi Pascual's men went in 13-10 up at the break.

Total dominance

2009-11-07_PARTIDO_051.JPGWith Igropulo very sharp up front, Saric at his unbeatable best and a solid 6-0 defence with Magnus Jernemyr massive at recovery, Barca simply steamrollered over Ademar and when they scored 4 quick goals to make it 25-18 with 10 minutes left, there was no way back for the visitors.

Playing their best handball, with good teamwork, Barca simply played their opponents off the court.
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)

FC Barcelona Borges (13+15):
Saric, Juanín García (7), Rocas (1), Igropulo (5), Sarmiento (1), Rutenka (4), Oneto (-), starting sevenl, Víctor Tomás (3), Garabaya (-), Romero (2), Jernemyr (-), Boldsen (1), Hansen (3) y Noddesbo (1)

Reale Ademar (10+12): Alilovic (Álamo, ps), Bicanic (-), Buntic (1), Martins (1), Chernov (3), Stranovsky (4), Carou (2), starting sevenl, Jorge García (1), Krivochlykov (3, 1p), Aguirrezabalga (2), Doder (3), Ugarte (2) y Montoro (-).

Referees: Abrahamsen and Kristiansen (Norway).

Scores: 0-2, 3-3, 6-4, 8-4, 10-7, 13-10; 17-11, 19-14, 21-16, 25-16, 27-19 and 28-22.

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