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04.11.2009 22:07

End of bad run in Pamplona (27-32)


FC Barcelona Borges took away a valuable win from the Universatario de Navarro after beating de Navarra San Antonio 27-32 - their first win in Pamplona for five years.

The hosts managed to keep up with Barca for the first part of the first half, but once the visitors put their foot on the gas on 20 minutes, there was no way they were going to be caught. Barca controlled the second half with a well ordered game that maintained the distance between the two to earn two more points to keep them high in the table.

Strong start from locals

_F7X1821.JPGReino de Navarra knew this was going to be a tough game and they came out with all guns blazing and took an early lead before Cristian Ugalde put Barca Borges ahead for the first time (3-4). That seemed to mark a turning point for the hosts, whose game gradually went down hill with Barca taking an 8-13 lead before Igropulo was sent off allowing Reino back into the game at 10-13.
Once Barca had seven players back on the court though, they again showed their superiority and took a 15-20 lead into the break.

Barca in control

Although Reino de Navarro improved their defence and attack in the second half, they were unable to match Barca, for whom keeper Daniel Saric was again on top form and a counter attack rounded off by Ugalde on 35 minutes stretched Barca's lead to a maximum of six goals. The hosts tried to fight back, but even the home crowd were silenced by Barca's superior performance that ended with a convincing 27-32 win.
Images: portlandsanantonio.com
Images: portlandsanantonio.com

San Antonio: Ristanovic, Elizaga (3), Ruesga (7), Hernández (7), Malmagro (3), Nikolic (1), Nikcevic (3), starting seven, Vargas, Dominikovic, Eloy, Besirevic, Jurkiewicz (3), Víctor Álvarez and Aguirrezabalaga.

FC Barcelona: Tomàs (2), Garabaya (1), Saric, Ugalde (7), Jernemyr, Boldsen (2), Igropulo (1), starting seven, Sarmiento (4), Romero, Rutenka (6), Mikkel (2), Rocas (4) and Oneto (3).

Scores: 3-3, 5-6, 8-11, 10-14, 13-17, 15-20; 16-22, 18-23, 20-25, 23-29, 25-31, 27-32.

Referees: Antonio Martín Franco and Jose Ignacio Monroy.

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