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30.08.2009 13:41

Handball team take first title of the season (37-28)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges won the final of the Liga de los Pirineos beating USAM Nimes 37-29 in a game they dominated from start to finish.

Xavi Pascual’s team took their first title of the season, the tenth time they have won Liga de los Pirineos. This was a much easier game than the semi final against Saint Raphael and the Barca team looked more comfortable and in charge throughout.

Flying start

2009-08-30_FCB_BORGES_-_NIMES_005.JPGFC Barcelona came out flying and were three up within the first two minutes. Things just got better as the tough Barca defence and a brilliant display of keeping from Saric together with some fast and intelligent passing on offence gave them a 21-14 lead at half time.

No change after the break

2009-08-30_FCB_BORGES_-_NIMES_001.JPGThere was no change after the break, when if anything it was Nimes who seemed to drop their rhythm and with Victor Tomas astounding on the counter Barca stretched their lead to 35-25 with just five minutes to go. Nimes were never going to pull that back and Pascual’s team duly took their first , hopefully of many, titles this season.
Handball team take first title of the season (37-28)

FC Barcelona Borges (20+17): Saric; Rocas (3), Nagy (1), Noddesbo (6), Sarmiento (-), Hansen (6), Ugalde (3) – starting seven - Garabaya (4) Víctor Tomás (4), Igropulo (3), Iker Romero (4), Rutenka (-), Juanin (2), Oneto (1), Boldsen (-)

USAM Nimes (14+14): Annotel (Cappelle, m.15 ); Haon (3), Tesoriere (-), Bastien (3), Perronneau (4), Rosier (4) Meunier (3) – starting seven - Saurina (7, 1p), Scaccianoce (-), Roby (3), Rebichon (1), Romero (0) 

Periods: 5-2, 7-5, 11-7, 14-9, 17-12, 20-14 (halt time) 22-16, 25-18, 28-21,30-21, 34-24 i 37-28 (final)

Referees: Javier Pastor y J. Miguel García

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