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03.08.2009 13:09

Batteries charges

Verònica Díez

The FC Barcelona handball squad have laid aside their beach towels and swimming costumes and returned to work on Monday. Refreshed after two months holiday, they are now ready and willing to get back down to work.

Barça Borges played their last game of the season on May 16 against Teucro in the Palau. Now Xavi Pascual is preparing the side for the new season. The schedule of medical tests, physical tests, official photos and the team camp at Ordino (Andorra) is under way. And it is also time to start getting to know the four new arrivals (Rutenka, Sarmiento, Igrópulo and Saric).

Only Víctor Tomàs, who has amygdalitis, was missing on the first day, but should be returning on Wednesday.

Ready to start

2009-08-03_ENTRENAMIENTO_FCB_BORGES_002.JPGLast season is still fresh in their minds, but Xavi Pascual wants the players to start looking ahead. “We are keen to train and play” said Jesper Noddesbo. “This year we want to win everything. It’s hard to come back after two months away, but we are all so keen to get training that it’ll be much easier.” The manager said today that “they are all looking well. I hope things stay that way; I sense the players’ enthusiasm and keenness to start.”

Tough week

Juanín García believes the first week back is always the hardest. Until next Friday, the squad will be in Ordino, doing fitness work in the morning and exercising with the ball after lunch. “This is only just starting” said the man from Leon. “This week will be the toughest. We have to get fit again and gradually bring everybody into the team.”

As for expectations for the coming season, García said “after not winning the league for three years, I think winning that has to be our main objective this time. We also want to do well in Europe because it has been so difficult in the later rounds in recent years”.

First day

2009-08-03_ENTRENAMIENTO_FCB_BORGES_011.JPGThis was also a day for introductions, with Rutenka, Igrópulo, Saric and Sarmiento all new to the squad. Said the Canary Islander “the initial contact was good. I am really keen to start; to play and start showing we have a team that can win everything.”
Batteries charges
Homework done well
Despite being away from the Palau for two months, the Barça Borges players have not had their arms crossed all summer and have done what they were told to do while they were away. Fitness coach Toni Rubiella explained how “we divided the summer into two parts. In June the players had to rest to get their strength back after an intense season. But in July they especially had to work on their fitness to make sure they don’t suffer when they come back here to work.”

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