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24.03.2010 19:23

Barça back to winning ways (39-29)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges returned to winning ways in the Liga Assobal after their Copa del Rey outing as they defeated Antequera 39-29.

Cristiasn Ugalde and Gonzalo de Vargas were the stars as the goalkeeper made several crucial saves while the other was the hosts’ top scorer with ten goals.

After a very even first half that ended with only two points separating the team, Barça forged ahead and left their Málaga-based visitors unable to find a way back into the game.

Gonzalo keeps the faith

2010-03-24_PARTIDO_BALONMANO_14.JPGDe Vargas stood out between the sticks as he was the star before the break with one particular save drawing a rapturous cheer from the home fans.

Bouncing back

Half-time saw the Blaugrana able to regroup and they went out in the second period and raised their game to such an extent that the lead was eventually stretched to ten points
Barça back to winning ways (39-29)

FC Barcelona Borges (16+23):
Pérez de Vargas (Saric), Lozano (4), Ugalde (10), Romero (-), Rocas (6), Oneto (4), Igropulo (6) – starting team – Sarmiento (2), Nagy (4), Jernemyr (-), Boldsen (-), Hansen (3), Ruiz (-)

Antequera (14+15): Schulz (Martínez), Jiménez (6), Trivundza (2), Obradovic (4), Vázquez (2), Rodríguez (1), Cid (4) – starting team – Soto (-), Moya (2), Pérez Canca (-), Baena (8)

Scoreline: 2-2, 7-4, 7-6, 13-11, 15-12, 16-14 (half-time), 19-16, 24-20, 28-22, 31-23, 34-26, 39-29 (final)

Referees: García Fernández and Pastor Gamón

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