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06.03.2010 17:46

Unstaisfactory point (25-25)

Ver˛nica DÝez

FC Barcelona Borges remained on top of their Champions League group after an incredible game that saw them have to share the spoils with Danish visitors KIF Kolding.

In a very even encounter in the Palau Blaugrana, the hosts were behind for the majority of the early stages before edging into the lead late on only for the visitors to draw level and take a point. Barša showed great character, but will feel that they maybe should have won at home to as side that have won just four of their ten games in the competition so far this term.

Despite the final scoreline it took four minutes for the first goal to be scored when Nagy netted to make it 0-1. Sarmiento then equalised for Barša and that set the scene for what was to come as the two teams traded goals but neither were ever able to forge a lead that would give them control of the match. Kolding twice ended periods with two-goal advantages, but the home team came back on each occasion.
Unstaisfactory point (25-25)

KIF Kolding (10+15): Petersen; Jensen (3), S°ndergaard (3, 1p), R. Hansen (0), Karlsson (4), Spellerberg (6, 2p), Nesbit (1), -starting seven- inicial, Oechsler (3), Garralda (1). Schnuchel (4) y Erevik (p.s).

FC Barcelona Borges (12+13): Saric; Tomßs (2), Nagy (5); Garabaya (3) Jernemyr (0), Boldsen, (0), Juanin (1), -starting seven-, Barrufet (p.s.), Sarmiento (2), Iker Romero (5, 2p), Hansen (3, 1p), Noddesbo (1), Igropulo (1), Rocas (1) y Ugalde (1).

Parcials: 0-1, 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 10-12; 12-14, 14-15, 17-17, 21-20, 23-22, 25-25.

Referees: K. Andersen y P.Morten Sodal.

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