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28.02.2010 19:56

No mistakes in Europe (27-37)

Verònica Díez

FC Barcelona Borges beat Ademar 27-37 on Sunday with a fine display of handball.

A fabulous performance left the Leon players with no answer to Barça’s flowing handball. The defence, supported by an excellent Saric and an accurate and efficient attack, finished off the home team in the first half (12-20). Ademar improved slightly in the second half but not enough to mount a serious challenge.

Ademar outplayed

Mikkel Hansen scored the first goal from the seven metre line, the first of a 0-3 partial score that gave Barça an early advantage. Ademar hit back with three goals of their own and even managed to nose ahead 6-5. However that merely provoked Barça to produce their best handball, and with Daniel Saric splendid in goal and Victor Tomas handling the ball well, the local players had few opportunities to create danger.

Partial scores of 0-4 and then 2-10 four minutes from the end finished off any resistance from Ademar. Laszlo Nagy scored to stretch Barça’s lead to 8 goals, a gap that remained right up to the break (12-20).

A more equal contest

Ademar Leon recovered their composure after the break and Ortigosa led his team his team to reduce the gap to four goals (21-25) and unsettle Barça Borges during the opening minutes of the second half. Mikkel Hansen weathered the storm for Barça and continued to create danger for the home side.

Ademar Leon began to believe they could get something from the game but Barça hit back through Victor Tomas, whose goal re-established Barça’s eight-goal lead (23-31). The gap widened to ten (23-33) and Xavi Pascual’s players kept their concentration to finish 27-37 winners.
No mistakes in Europe (27-37)

Reale Ademar (12+15):
Alilovic (Álamo); Ortigosa (8, 3 p), Prce (2), Castresana (1), Chernov (3), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Krivoschlykov (2), Buntic (-), Doder (1), Bicanic (2), Costa (-), García Vega (2), Carrillo (2), Ugarte (2).

FC Barcelona Borges (20+17): Saric (Barrufet); Juanín García (4), Hansen (9, 1 p), Sarmiento (4), Oneto (3), Nagy (3), Tomás (7), Jernemyr (-), Bouldsen (1), Garabaya (3), Iker Romero (1), Igropoulo (1), Rocas (1), Ugalde (-).

Parcials: 1-4, 6-6, 8-10, 9-13, 10-17, 12-20; 16-22, 19-24, 21-26, 23-30, 25,34, 27-37.

Referees: Herczeg and Suedi.

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