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20.02.2010 17:40

Good run continues (37-26)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges beat Amicitia de Zúrich 37 – 26 at the Palau on Saturday to maintain their good run in a game they dominated for almost the whole game.

Xavi Pascual’s team ran out pretty easy winners against Zurich, taking an 18-11 lead into the break and stretching that out to win by 11 goals. The visitors put in plenty of effort and never let their heads drop, but in the end Barca’s superior class was too much for them.

First half domination

2010-02-20_FCB_BORGES_-_AMICITIA_ZURICH_019.jpgFC Barcelona Borges found it hard at the start and Zurich actually took a lead before a 5-1 period on the quarter hour saw Barca take control and move to a 10-6 lead. Some good keeping from Saric and the propensity of their opponents to give the ball away meant Barca could hit Zurich on the counter and four quick goals put the six goals between the teams(15-9) before that stretched to seven (18-11) at the break.

Ugalde finishes off the job

2010-02-20_FCB_BORGES_-_AMICITIA_ZURICH_020.jpgThe second half began like the first, with Zurich scoring two early goals and looking like they might just get back into the game, but Barca were having none of it and three quick strikes made it 22-14 to douse any hopes for the visitors.

Cristian Ugalde then took control and nobody was able to stop him, either on the counter or one-on-one and his seven goal haul matched his best in Europe- The Catalan appeared to have rounded of the scoring when he made it 36-25 with three minutes to go, but Demetrio Lozano had the last word with a last second goal that left the scores on 37-26.
Good run continues (37-26)

FC Barcelona Borges (18+19):
Saric (Pérez de Vargas); Tomás (2), Igropulo (5, 1p), Garabaya (2), Jernemyr (-), Hansen (4), Juanin (1) –starting seven-, Sarmiento (3), Iker Romero (1), Rutenka (5, 1p), Nagy (3), Rocas (1), Noddesbo (2), Ugalde (7) and Lozano (1).

Amicitia Zurich (11+15): Vaskevicius (Bringolf); Hüsser (-), Kern (8), Vukelic (4, 3p), Grimm (2), Fellmann (2), Hess (1) –starting seven-, Egger (1), Kilmciauskas (3), Kristjansson (1), Maros (-), Svajlen (2) and Kurbalija (2).

Referees: Baranowski and Lemanowicz .

Scores: 1-2, 5-4, 9-6, 11-8, 14-9, 18-11; 20-14, 24-16, 26-17, 29-21, 33-24, 37-26.

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