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08.02.2010 13:13

Goodbye to a legend


Despite what everybody might think, today was “a happy day” for David Barrufet. Speaking to reporters on the day he announced his plan to retire at the end of the season, he emphasized his love for the Club.

2010-02-08_BARRUFET_14.JPGThe shirt of the legendary Barça handball goalkeeper will hang from the rafters of the Palau, together with those of other stars of the Club’s sports sections. He’s been part of the Club for an astonishing 27 years and a member of the first team squad for 21. Soon David Barrufet will be retiring and according to him: “It’s the best moment to do it. I’m closing a marvellous stage in my life. I’ve had the honour to be able to carry out my entire professional career at Barça. I wanted to retire while I was still physically and mentally fit and I believe I’ve managed to do that”.

Club president Joan Laporta, who sat beside Barrufet at the press conference, highlighted the fact that, “he has known how to overcome adversity. I congratulate for your sporting career and also, beyond the world of sport, you have dedicated yourself to learning and that’s an example to us all. Thank you very much on behalf of Barça for everything you’ve given us”.

Lorenzo Rico and Valero Rivera

Barrufet paid tribute today to Madrid born goalkeeper Lorenzo Rico: “He was very important at the start of my career. I also give my thanks to all the team-mates I’ve shared a changing room with, both at Barça and with Spain. It’s been a pleasure to play alongside them. However, I’d like to give special thanks to Lorenzo Rico. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

Valero Rivera, current Spain manager and the head coach of the legendary 'Dream-Team' that won six European Cups, was also singled out for special mention. Barrufet told reporters: “He’s the best coach I’ve ever known”.

Tribute to his brother

2010-02-08_BARRUFET_30.JPGThe most moving moment of the press conference came when Barrufet paid tribute to his brother, who died in August 1998. David insisted that he would never have played handball if it hadn’t been for his brother: “I’d like to remember my brother, may he rest in peace. I started to play for him. My entire sporting career was dedicated to him. Wherever you are, I love you and I miss you”.

Barrufet also spoke about his parents, wife and children: “I love my parents very much, though I don’t tell you that much. I’d like to thank my parents-in-law for the way they’ve looked after my wife and children. And to my wife, I love you. Thank you for never getting cross with me”.
Goodbye to a legend
Barrufet to join legal dept
When his playing contract expires at the end of June, David Barrufet will join the Club’s legal department. Barrufet is excited by the prospect: “This new stage is very exciting. I graduated in law and I’m looking forward to practising. I’m grateful for the opportunity the Club has given me. I’m proud and happy. Also it will give me more time for the family”.

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