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11.08.2008 19:43

Handball team back to work

Ver˛nica DÝez

The handball team started work on their preseason on Monday, but it is going to a strange time for Cadenas as he has only four first team players in the side, with the Olympic Games affecting his preparations.

Laszlo Nagy, Eric Gull, Cristian Ugalde and new signing, Magnus Jernemyr, are the only first team players in town, and Manolo Cadenas will be working on their fitness while hoping his international players return in similar condition.

Hard work

BALONMANO_16.jpgNo fewer than thirteen Barša players are in Beijing right now, and won’t be back until September, so work will have to focus on Nagy, Jernemyr, Ugalde and Gull. It is assumed that the internationals will already be in peak condition when they return, so the idea is to make sure the other players maintain the same kind of rhythm.

Short of time

BALONMANO_32.jpgThe players now at the Games will be due back on September 2, just five days before the Spanish Super Cup. So Cadenas wants to be sure his players return ready and willing to compete for a major trophy as soon as they have arrived back at their club.

“These players that have not been playing international competition will have to join players that will have to be enthusiastic about coming back and able to adapt quickly when they rejoin the squad. The important thing is that that week we have the Super Cup first and then start the league against Valladolid. I want a team that plays with the same basic idea, and as early as in those two games. Or at least to have a minimum idea of what we need to do in competitions”, explained Cadenas.

Support for youngsters

BALONMANO_15.jpgSeveral FC Barcelona youth players will help make up the numbers during the preseason. These include Joan Saubich, who made his first team debut last season. All of them will be taking part in the Pyrenees League, which starts on August 29 and 31. “All managers, or most at least, have also coached youth teams, so we care about them, In this aspect, Xavi Pascual has worked with some of the youth players, and that will help these players. Not only do they enjoy themselves, but we enjoy having them around, as do the first team players” said the Barša boss.

Handball team back to work
Double training
Manolo Cadenas has called on his players for two training sessions a day as they prepare for the season. They will have daily fitness sessions at 9.30, and then at 17.00 they will concentrate more on ball play.

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