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16.05.2009 19:56

Big final win (39-25)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges have ended the Sabadell Atlántico League and said goodbye to their fans for the season with a big win over Teucro. It was also Kasper Hvidt’s last game for the club.

Barcelona soon imposed themselves on the game and at halftime were ahead by 20-11. After the break Teucro came out much more strongly but Barça wouldn’t let them back into the game.

Work done in first half

QM3D0874.jpgXavi Pascual’s men practically had the game wrapped up by halftime. Barça dominated the match from the word go with speed and attacking flair putting Teucro on the back foot.

Four unanswered goals leading up to the 10 minute mark left Barça at 9-3 ahead. That six goal gap would be extended by another four on the trot to make it 20-11 at the break.

The star of the first 30 minutes was Kasper Hvidt who was determined to put on a fine show in his last game in front of the Barça fans.

Under the cosh

QM3D0975.jpgIn the second half Teucro remained under the cosh. Waves of Barça counterattacks combined with solid defence were the key factors in the latter stages of the game.

As the minutes ticked by the visitors’ heads began to drop while Barcelona continued to push forward and create chances. In the end the goals just kept on coming and Teucro’s relegation was confirmed at the Palau arena.

Not even defensive changes in the last few minutes could stop the Barça hurricane.
Big final win (39-25)

FC Barcelona Borges (20+19): Hvidt (Barrufet), Juanín García (9, 3p), Tomás (3), Garabaya (3), Nagy (4), Boldsen, Hansen (4) – starting seven - Noddesbo (4), Lozano (8), Ugalde (2), Rocas (1) and Oneto (1).

SD Teucro (11+14): Ristanovic (Pombo), Markicevic (6, 2p), Dasilva (4), Sayad (1), Carrera (2), Benaches (1), Curuvija (4) – starting seven - José Antonio Fernández (2), Álvarez (1), Pedreira (2), Tsybanev (1), Savkovic (1) and Kedzo.

Referees: Alonso Povea and Miret Pallarols

5’ scores: 3-1, 8-3, 11-6, 14-7, 16-10, 20-11; 23-14, 26-15, 29-17, 33-18, 37-22, 39-25.

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