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05.05.2009 22:06

A win that permits the dream to continue (35-32)

Verònica Díez

Barça have beaten Ademar in a real dual of giants that swung in Barça’s favour in the closing minutes. A partial score of 3-0 in the last minute gave the Barça players a win that allows them to dream of a league title.

It was a tense game this Tuesday in the Palau Blaugrana. FC Barcelona took their opportunities in the opening minutes but against a big club such as Ademar anything can happen. In the second half, Ademar looked more focussed and accurate in their game and managed to take the lead. But Barça refused to give up and finally took the two points.

Ciudad Real’s 27-30 win against Fraikin Granollers leaves the table as it was. Barça is two points off first place and will go for bust this weekend against Quijote Arena. They need to win by four goals or more to continue the dream.

Plenty of goals

QM3D3100.jpgThe first 30 minutes were characterized by a flow goals from both sides. However, Barça made better use of their opportunities and after a finely balanced 24 minutes, Iker Romero made it 18-15, the biggest lead of the game. From this moment on, Pascual decided to move Cristian Ugalde forward. Ademar quickly adapted and cut the lead to 19-18 at the break.

Final minute of glory

QM3D3071.jpgThe second half began well for Ademar León. Damir Bicanic was lethal in attack supported by team-mate Dani Sarmiento and the visitors pushed ahead 23-24 in the 9th minute. However, Laszlo Nagy was exceptional in attack (10 goals) and he put Barça ahead again eight minutes later (29-28). FC Barcelona kept pushing for a two-goal lead but they had to wait for the final minute. Nagy, Tomás and Romero gave Barça Borges a 3-0 partial score to keep alive the hopes of an Asobal league title.
A win that permits the dream to continue (35-32)
Match Stats

FC Barcelona (19+16): Kasper Hvidt, Juanín (3), Víctor Tomás (3), Garabaya (3), Laszlo Nagy (10), Jermenyr, Hansen (4), starting seven David Barrufet, Jesper Brian Noddesbo, Demetrio Lozano, Ugalde (1), Boldsen, Albert Rocas (4) and Iker Romero (7, 2p).

Ademar León (18+14): Mirko Alilovic, Castresana (3), Sarmiento (3), Denis Buntic (8), Krivochlykov (2), Stranovsky (3), Bicanic (5), starting seven Vicente Álamo, Gonzalo Matias Carou, Martins (6, 5p), Aguinagalde, Chernov (2) and Aguirrezabalaga.

Partial scores: 4-3, 7-6, 12-11, 16-15, 18-15, 19-18; 22-22, 25-25, 27-27, 29-28, 31-31, 35-32.

Referees: Gregorio Muro and Alfonso Rodríguez.

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