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07.02.2009 20:08

Painful defeat (30-27)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges have made a bad start to the second half of the season, going down at Valladolid by 30 to 27 in a painful defeat which will help current leader Ciudad Real to open up a gap.

A lot was riding on the game for both FC Barcelona and Pevafersa Valladolid. The Catalans wanted the points to keep pushing for the lead, while Valladolid were looking to climb up the table especially as one of their closest rivals, Ademar León, lost this weekend at Alcobendas (24-23).

Valladolid dominated the game almost from start to finish. A solid 6-0 formation, a direct approach to attacking with Zikika scoring 13 times, and home keeper Sierra were the keys to the game.

Local warning

Pevafersa Valladolid took the lead in the first half with four unanswered goals and soon opened up a 9 to 5 gap. Barça Borges were having a tough time of it, and their defensive frailty was not helped when Magnus Jernemyr and Demetrio Lozano were briefly sidelined.

Barça bite back

FC Barcelona Borges then upped their game and scored four in a row to make it 10-9. With four minutes to go before the break, Jesper Noddesbo rounded off a counterattack to bring the scores level at 12 all, before the teams headed into the break still even at 15.

Hopes of a comeback

Barça took the lead after the restart through Garabaya, and Víctor Tomás added another to make it 15-17. But Valladolid fought back and Perales equalised at 19 all in the 8th minute. With Demetrio Lozano off the court Pevafersa Valladolid then went ahead at 21-20.

Critical moments

FC Barcelona Borges lost their way after being hauled back, and their attack lacked precision. Coach Manolo Cadenas made a tactical switch from 6-0 to 5-1 with Ugalde up front, and this change seemed as if it might bring them victory.

A run of three unanswered goals brought the visitors to within one goal at 24-23, with Barrufet playing a key role. But in the end the home side ran out winners as Zikika scored twice to make it 30-27.
Painful defeat (30-27)
Match Stats


Pevafersa Valladolid (15+15): Sierra, Prieto (3), Tvedten (4,1p), Hugo López (2), Milosavljevic (13, 8p), Entrerríos (1), Bilbija (-), starting seven, Asier Antonio (-), Perales (4), Eduard Fernández (3), Avila (-), Rentero (-) and Chuchi Martínez (-).

FC Barcelona Borges (15+12): Hvidt, Noddesbo (4), Juanín García (3), Nagy (4), Jernemyr (-), Hansen (2, 1p), Rocas (2p), starting seven, Iker Romero (3), Barrufet, Lozano (2), Garabaya (3), Boldsen (1), Víctor Tomás (2) and Ugalde (1).

5’ scores: 1-0, 4-3, 9-5, 10-8, 12-11, 15-15; 16-18, 20-20, 24-20, 24-23, 27-25, 30-27.

Referees: Fernández Baranda and González Grau.

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