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09.09.2007 19:40

Barça miss out on Super cup (32-30)

Meritxell Infante

BM Ciudad Real have won handball’s Asobal Super Cup by beating FC Barcelona 32-30. In a well matched final, Barça were unable to dominate the second half as they had the first.

Ciudad Real claimed a win over Barça by just two points (32-30) to win the second Super Cup in their history. With president Laporta watching from the box, the sides were highly motivated, but the game was lost by some uncharacteristic losses of concentration towards the end. Despite the defeat, there is a promising look to this season’s handball team.

First half dominance

Barça dominated the first half, despite conceding the first goal in the first minute through Metlicic. In fact, Metlicic proved to be the best player in The Ciudad Reakl ranks, and if it hadn’t been for him Cadenas’ side could have run away with. By the 17th minute, however, there were just three goals in it (7-10).

Ciudad Real switched goalkeepers, and that made a difference as they tied things at 11-11. An exchange of goals at either end followed, and Barça managed to hang on despite a difficult period when they played with two men less through exclusions (16-17).

Ciudad Real get five in a row

Barça went three goals ahead early in the second half (16-19), when keepers Barrufet and Sterbik were able to halt the goalscoring frenzy of the first half. Barça were to be made to pay for their lack of accuracy in front of goal as Ciudad Real scored five points in a row and moved into a comfortable 24-21 lead after 45 minutes.

Seven minutes passed without Barça scoring, and Cadenas called a time out to try to get his team’s grip back on a game that was slipping out of their control. Barça needed to push forward, and Ciudad Real took advantage of the gaps left at the back to seal the victory and collect the trophy (32-30).

Injury to Nagy

The most negative side to the game was the injury to Laszlo Nagy. The Hungarian fractured a bone in his right arm and will take tests on Monday. It has been predicted that he will be sidelined for two months.
Barça miss out on Super cup (32-30)
Match stats

BM Ciudad Real: Sterbik, Metlicic (5), Zorman (2), Uríos (2), Davis (1), Entrerríos (6), Stefansson (4), Hombrados, Chema (3), Kallman (4), García Parrondo (2), Routenka (3)

FC Barcelona: Barrufet, Nagy (2), Garabaya (2), Noddesbo (5), Jerome (3), Romero (6), Tomás (1), Kasper, Gull (2), Rocas (4), Juanín (2), Cañellas (1), Ugalde (1)

Scores every 5 minutes: 2-2, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 16-17 (break); 16-19, 20-21, 23-21, 26-23, 28-27, 32-30 (end)

Referees: Fernández Piñeiro-Ríos Martín

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