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04.12.2009 22:39

Just missing another goal (1-1)

Cristina Collado

Barca 's futsal team were held to a 1-1 draw by Playas Castellon in a game they would have done better in but for a lack of fire power up front. Despite the draw, Barca reman in third spot in the league.

The injured Fernandao and Ari Santos watched the game from the stands and suffered as the team failed to put chances away. The final minutes were pretty nerve wracking as both teams had chances to break the deadlock, but Barca were again missing fire power up front.

Rocket shot from PC

2009-12-04_FCB_-_PLAYAS_DE_CASTELLO_010.jpgWith Playas de Castellón playing a similar zonal game as that which Barca found so tough against Sala10 Zaragoza, this was never going to be an easy game, but Barca showed they'd learned from their errors and Chico and Jordi Sánchez both had chances to put them ahead early on.

The first goal came on 11 minutes when PC fired home from the edge of the box from a corner - a shot that Playas' keeper Rafa was never going to get near and took Barac one nil up at the break.

Missed chances

2009-12-04_FCB_-_PLAYAS_DE_CASTELLO_024.jpgPlayas passed the ball around more after the break and Barca tried to catch them on the break. Even though Barca had the clearer opportunities, it was Playas who got the next goal through Trevert with just 7 minutes left on the clock after Chico, Jordi and Igor had all failed to put away good chances.

Extra man in last minute

Javi Rodríguez then had a great chance to break the deadlock, only to have his effort deflected away by the keeper and with Chico coming out of goal, Jordi Sánchez hit a post. José Revert was sent off for a double yellow with a minute to go, but even with the extra man, Barca were unable to get the second goal.
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)
Images: Àlex Caparrós (FCB)

FC Barcelona: Cristian, Chico, Carlos, Saad y Igor –starting five-, PC, Javi Rodríguez, Jordi Sánchez, Juanito

Playas de Castellón: Rafa, Rubén, Cassio, Jesús García y Moi –starting five-, Passarinho, Kiko, Luis, José Revert

Goals: 1-0, PC (11’); 1-1, José Revert (33')

Referees: Del Pozo García and López Jiménez

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