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28.11.2009 20:59

Morale boosting win (2-4)


Barca's futsal team beat Gestesa Guadalajara2-4 to take not just the three points, but to boost themselves after last week's draw and the two points they dropped.

The win will serve to put Barca back on track after last week and also keeps them up with the leaders – Inter have 27 points, El Pozo are second on 25 and Barca third with 24.

More chances than goals

_RMS9061_r_m.jpgFC Barcelona overcame Gestesa''s zonal defence, though they found it hard to finish things off in the final metres. Javi Rodríguez put them ahead on six minutes, but they could have taken much more than the single goal into the break given the chances they made.

Fernandao made it two after the break before Gestesa fought back to 2-2, but Igor made it 2.3 and with the hosts playing their keeper outfield Saad Assis finished them off late on with a goal hit from inside his own half.
Morale boosting win (2-4)

Gestesa Guadalajara: Dídac, Marcelinho, José Ruiz, isi and Charlie –starting five-, Pedraza, Miñambres, Pedraza, Carlos Anós

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, PC, Chico, Jordi Sánchez and Fernandao –starting five-, Igor, Javi Rodríguez, Carlos, Saad

Goals: 0-1, Javi Rodríguez (6’); 0-2, Fermandao (27’); 1-2, Miñambres (30’); 2-2, Isi (31’); 2-3, Igor (32’); 2-4, Saad (38’)

Referees: Gracia Marin and Munez Carpintero

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