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17.10.2009 20:10

Point saved (3-3)


The futsal team grabbed a draw at Benicarló. After a great first half, the side from Castellon opted for a five-strong attack that changed the course of the match, and Barça were able to come back to 3-3.

Barça didn’t have it easy against the bottom ranked side, but were aware that that position does not reflect the real quality of their hosts. But after three minutes, Chico had put Barça one up and Saad made it 0-2 not long after that.

But in all fairness, the two-goal lead was a poor reflection of the run of play, and Benicarló probably deserved the goal Xapa got shortly after Barça’s second.

Now playing with a five-man attack, Benicarló responded strongly, and just before the break, Genaro grabbed an equaliser.

Two minutes into the second half, it was 3-2. Following the remarkable surrender of an early lead, Carmona now needed a serious rethink.

Benicarló then opted to play a rush goalie, but such a risky approach saw Carlos Muñoz steal the ball in midfield and score the equaliser – and there were still ten minutes left.

Lack of luck

Benicarló oozed confidence and Barça were giving it everything, yet both sides failed to convert either of their two double-penalties each and the score remained the same until the end.

The 3-3 result meant Barça had taken a point from a visit to this pavilion for the first time ever in a League match.
Point saved (3-3)

Benicarló (2+1): Paulinho, Vadillo, Xapa (1), Genaro (2), Lolo – starting five - Valença, Chicho, Vinicius

FC Barcelona (2+1): Cristian, PC, Chico (2), Igor, Saad (1) - starting five - Ari, Carlos (1), Javi Rodríguez, Jordi Sánchez, Fernando

Goals: 0-1, Chico, m.3; 0-2, Saad, m.13; 1-2, Xapa, m. 13; 2-2, Genaro, m. 19; 3-2, Genaro, m. 21; 3-3, Carlos, m. 30

Referees: Madorrán and Ramírez

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