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26.09.2009 20:10

Win in Galicia at last (2-6)

Cristina Collado

After three years without winning at Lobelle, the Barça futsal team has won in style away to the Galician outfit, 6-2.

Chico played his first official game and supplied two assists, with Carlos Muñoz and Saad Assís scoring their first goals of the season, two and three respectively. Igor also added to his bid to top the División de Honor scoring lists. In short, a job well done by Barça at a ground where they have struggled in recent seasons. It means Marc Carmona’s side is now second in the table.

0-2 at the break

Both sides had chances early on, but it was Barça who got the only two goals of the half. Brazilian Chico, back from injury, laid on both, the first for Saad Assís to score his first goals of the season in the 13th minute, and the second a tap-in for Carlos.

Rush goalkeeper

S26S9078.jpgIgor then made it three after the break, stealing the ball in the middle of the court and winning the one-on-one with Marcos Vara.

Rafael then came on as a rush goalie to try to bring the home side back into it, but a Jordi Sánchez corner converted by Carlos Muñoz settled things in Barça’s favour, though Lobelle soon pulled one back, and it was cracker from Aicardo. They scored their second shortly after, and all of a sudden a comeback was on the cards.

Constant danger

Leitao almost scored a third for the Galicians, and there were moments of tension before Saad Assís put the result beyond any shadow of doubt.
Win in Galicia at last (2-6)

Xacobeo 2010 Lobelle Santiago: Marcos Vara, Aicardo, David, Pola and Alemao –starting five-, Rubi, Juan Puertas, Rafael, Leitao

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, PC, Saad, Jordi Sánchez and Fernandao – starting five -, Chico, Carlos Muñoz, Igor

Goals: 0-1, Saad Assís (13’); 0-2, Carlos Muñoz (19’); 0-3, Igor (24’); 0-4, Carlos (28’); 1-4, Aicardo (28’); 2-4, Aicardo (30’); 2-5, Saad (38’); 2-6, Saad (39’)

Referees: Gallo Suarez and Velasco Martinez

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