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01.05.2010 20:03

Defeat means fifth place finish (2-1)


FC Barcelona dropped to fifth after losing 2-1 to Caja Segòvia and will face Lobelle in the quarter final play offs, with their opponents having home advantage.

Although the team failed to make the top four, the impression they gave in defeat to Caja Segovia gave cause for optimism after restricting the hosts attacking options, basically to the two goals they scored. Barca also created plenty of chances themselves but they were out of luck and ended up with nothing for their efforts.

This was a tight game and although Barca had the edge, the first 20 minutes was marked by a real lack of chances.

Livelier second half

Nueva_imagen.JPGBarca took a grip on the game in the second half and Chico put them ahead after the keeper had parried away an effort from Saad. Fernandao and Jordi Sánchez then both had chances to extend the lead, before Matias rounded off a Caja Segovia counter attack to draw them level. With Chico as keeper-player in the last four minutes, Barca pushed for the win, only for the hosts to grab a second late on, again from Matias, beating Paco Sedano, back in goal, as he came out.
Defeat means fifth place finish (2-1)

Caja Segovia: Cidao, Tobe, Matías, Lin and David –starting five-, Jesús, Keny, Alvarito, Nano Mogredo

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, Ari, Chico, Carlos and Igor –starting five-, Javi Rodríguez, Saad, Fernandao

Goals: 0-1, Chico (23’); 1-1, Matías (28’); 2-1, Matías (39’)

Referees: Peña Diaz and Peña Gomez

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