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14.02.2009 19:29

Unbeaten run over (1-0)


After two months without defeat, Barça Mobicat lost away to Pinto today (1-0). But ElPozo’s loss means Barça are still level on 40 points with the Murcians.

Barça Mobicat stay joint third in the league despite today’s setback at Pinto.

Evenly matched

LT4Y5722.JPGIt was a tight game at the Principe de Asturias in Madrid with both sides creating chances, but the goals hard to come by. Barça defended well, but lacked definition in front of goal. Fernandao had several first half chances, and Igor and Saad Assís also came close.

Pinto take lead

Two minutes after the break, Hugo scored the home side’s only goal. But rather than sink in dismay, Marc Carmona’s side played with same intensity, but once again fail to turn any of their chances into goals.

With just four minutes left on the clock, Barça Mobicat threw cation to the wind with a five-man attack. But nothing was to come of it and the home side claimed the win by a solitary goal. The defeat means Barça Mobicat stay third in the División de Honor.
Unbeaten run over (1-0)

Tien21 P. Millenium Pinto:
Gus, Fabián, Retamar, Raúl Campos and Matamoros –starting five-, Contreras, Hugo, Sergio, Luís

FC Barcelona Mobicat: Paco Sedano, Chico, Jordi Sánchez, Igor and Saad – starting five -, Juan Carlos López, Carlos, Javi Rodríguez, Fernandao, Justo Cáceres

Goals: 1-0, Hugo (22’)

Referees: Castro Borges i Garcia Hernández

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