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08.02.2009 13:48

Bittersweet point (2-2)


Barça Mobicat have drawn with Lobelle Santiago after a tough game in which the Catalans had many more chances. They’ve picked up another point and are 11 away from the side in fourth place.

The game began with a high tempo and Fernandao had two good chances immediately for Barça Mobicat. Barça had more goal scoring opportunities but Lobelle were more effective with theirs.

Goal down

QM3D2952.jpgThough Barça Mobicat had more possession and were dominating the game, it was Lobelle who scored first when Aicardo picked up a mid-court turnover to fire home in the 7th minute.

Still Barça Mobicat continued to control the game with Lobelle looking to counterattack. Manu hit the post for the visitors, while Fernandao, after a training ground move, and Saad Assís, with a drive from outside the area, threatened Mendiola’s goal.

PC equalises

QM3D2938.jpgBarça equalised four minutes after Lobelle went ahead when Fernandao and PC combined to let the Brazilian score at the back post.

Immediately afterwards Juan Carlos came in from the right as well but his shot was blocked by Mendiola. Saad Assís also had two chances from the edge of the area to score.

But with just two minutes to go before the break César was left alone in front of the Barça goal to put his side ahead again, and the teams went into the break with the scoreboard reading 1-2.

Loads of chances

QM3D2910.jpgThe second half also began with the best chances for Barça Mobicat. PC had a one-on-one but fired over, Chico tried to chip Mendiola and Fernandao fired in another chip on the turn but hit the bar.

Finally Barça’s efforts were rewarded when Fernandao stuck in the rebound after Carlos Muñoz’s shot had been blocked. The Palau faithful got behind their team but scoring was proving a tougher than normal proposition.

With 17 seconds left on the clock, Marc Carmona called a time out and sent on Chico as goalie/outfield player. But even that wasn’t enough to break the deadlock at two all.
Bittersweet point (2-2)

FC Barcelona Mobicat: Cristian, PC, Javi Rodríguez, Saad Assís and Fernandao – starting five - Chico, Jordi Sánchez, Carlos Muñoz, Juan Carlos López,

Lobelle Santiago: Mendiola, Carlinhos, César, Luís and Alemao – starting five - Manu, David, Eka

Goals: 0-1, Aicardo (7’); 1-1, PC (11’); 1-2, César (18’); 2-2, Fernandao (28’)

Referees: Beteta Dolz and López García

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