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25.07.2007 13:30

Six new faces

Cristina Collado

Marc Carmona has called for cautious optimism ahead of the season after the club's futsal team, Barça Senseit signed six new players with famous names an plenty of experience.

With ten days to go before pre-season training begins, the squad has now been completed after the arrival of the goalkeepers Cristian and Paco Sedano, winger Justo Cásceres, PC, and the two pivots Fernandao and Igor.

"The coaching staff is happy because we have a stronger squad than last year and now we can aim higher," Carmona said. "It is a better squad because we have brought in who we wanted and now have two players for each position of almost the same quality."

Making a team

All the new arrivals are, undoubtedly, famous names within the world of futsal and have a great deal of experience at the highest level. "The recent history of futsal is full of examples of great squads that have not reached their goal of making a great team," Carmona continued. "Because of that we cannot make the same mistake of thinking that we have already done that. Teams such as Interviú or el Pozo win titles because they have strong squads and a good team. We have to work hard because it is always difficult to create a good team. When the players have so much quality it is always easier, but it does still need time."

Character on the court

RIMG0018.jpgBeyond the technical characteristics of each player, one of the main qualities of the new players is the ability on the court. The winning mentality and leadership attirubtes of many of the signings will strengthen the side. "Not only have we signed talented players, but also ones with character. PC, Fernandao or the two keepers all have strong characters on the court."

Looking at the new arrivals

Cristian: "He is a goalkeeper who, despite being young, has played for many years at the highest level. He has come in for the present as well as the future and is technically a very good player."

Paco Sedano: "He plays very well with his feet and his hands. For a goalkeeper, he can play well outside of his area which will be very good for us."

PC: "He is one of the best defenders in the world. That was a position we wanted, because we needed someone to cover and mark the pivots. Also, he is a strong character."

Justo Cásceres: "He is excellent team player. He is left-footed and we needed that. He is good between the lines, passes well and has many characterisitcs that fit in with our idea. Also, he can score goals."

Fernandao: "He is our bet for the attack. Despite being only 26, he has been top goalscorer in the league three times. He may not be a adaptable player, but he is very powerful and is an instinctive goalscorer."

Igor: "He is only 22 and in the 18 months that he been in the Spanish league he has shown us that he has improved incredibly and will be an extraordinary player. In one-on-one situations he very powerful and balanced and reads the game well. He is one for now and the future."
Six new faces

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