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Club recovers assets

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23.12.2010 17:24

Club recovers assets

The Board has reached agreement with MCM Group which will allow the club to recover the land in Sant Joan Despí without any economic penalisation. The decision to push the Grada Joven and to create 48 seats for handicapped supporters were also made.

Board spokesperson Toni Freixa explained the decisions taken in the final Board meeting of 2010 and he began with ”an announcement that is sure to please many members – the Club has reached agreement with MCM Group to recover the ownership of the land in Sant Joan Despí which had been the subject of a sale and of the divesting of club assets”.

No Penalisation

The goodwill of MCM Group has allowed the Club to recover the land “by returning the 1.5 million we received, plus 3 million in taxes, without any type of penalisation. We are going to put the land back for the use it should have –sporting facilities”.

96 new seats

The Club continues to work towards making the Stadium easier to access and Sr Freixa announced: “we have created 48 spaces for handicapped supporters behind the goals - a total of 96 new seats”. The new seats mean that 212 seats have been removed and the 117 season ticket holders relocated.

Fans’ Zone

The Board also unanimously agreed to the creation of a special area for a cheerleading section in the stadium, though Sr Freixa warned: “this will fill a historic gap in the club, but it will have to respect our zero tolerance policy for violence and support for tolerance. This will be managed by a commission made up of local police, club representatives and the different groups of supporters involved”..

Travel changes?

With reference to rumours that RFEF may impose travel regulations on teams, obliging them to stay overnight before games, Sr Freixa commented: “that surprises us, because it looks like a rule that is aimed at just one team. We will do everything possible to proceed in the best interests of the team”.

Summer Tour

Sr Freixa also clarified some issues surrounding next summers’ Tour of the USA, explaining that the exact dates of matches are still to be confirmed, but that the Tour will definitely start on July 27th and last for 10 days.

Meetings to be held outside Barcelona
The Board spokesperson also confirmed that the Board will continue to hold its meetings at various cities in Catalonia, travelling to a different venue once every three months, with the first in Tarrega on 1st February.
Club recovers assets

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