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Leo charms the kids

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09.12.2010 14:09

Leo charms the kids

Miriam Nadal

Thirty three infant school children from the Barcelona area quizzed Leo Messi this morning in a UNICEF organised event at the Nou Camp.

Messi faced his young inquisitors in the Sala París at the Stadium as part of the UNICEF programme ”Enrédate” in his role as UNICEF Ambassador which he took up in March of this year.

The children, who came from 33 different schools in the area, were aged between 11 and 12 and set Messi a series of questions ranging from his attitude towards solidarity actions, his own childhood and his time at Barça.

A06.jpgExplaining his arrival in Barcelona, Messi explained: "it was hard to come here. I was young and everything changed for me. I left my friends and my country. It was my decision and I wanted to achieve my dreams here. I wanted to play in the first team and that was my only objective. I cried, but I never even entertained the idea of returning to Argentina”.

Always at Barça

Once again, Messi stressed that he was happy at Barcelona and had no intention of leaving: “this is my home and I have everything here. I want to stay here all my life”.

Model for many

Messi also believes that his solidarity work, and that of other footballers and celebrities, should serve as an example for society: “being on TV, playing for Barça and having fans all over the world means we become an example and a model for many people”.

More help for Haití

A02.jpgLeo explained that he was still very moved by his experiences in Haiti after the earthquake disaster there: “living that so close up was a very special and difficult experience. You see a lot of things on TV, but seeing it in person was much tougher. We have to keep on helping, because they are in a bad state”.

Education Programme

The children who met Leo had all taken part in the education programme to produce a game which highlighted the Convention on Infants’ Rights, as well as the importance of certain values in the sporting world.

As well as Leo Messi, the Vice President of the Patronato de la Fundación del FC Barcelona, Gabriel Masfurroll also took part. After the event, Messi had the chance to look through all the games the children had created.
Leo charms the kids
What is 'Enrédate'?
More than 1500 schools in Spain, and more than 200 in Catalonia have taken part in this UNICEF programme in which children work on the Convention for Infants’ Rights: “Let’s celebrate kids’ rights and talk with Leo Messi” has been the slogan for the programme in which the children created games from recycled material and worked out a series of questions to ask Messi, which they had the opportunity to do in person this morning.

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