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02.07.2010 12:26

Rosell welcomed by the institutions


The new Barça president and his board of directors have visited the Barcelona City Hall and the Generalitat de Catalunya. Mayor Jordi Hereu and President José Montilla have congratulated Sandro Rosell.

Sandro Rosell’s first duty as president of FC Barcelona has been to make institutional visits to the two important political buildings in the city. At 12.30, he and his colleagues were welcomed by the city’s mayor, Jordi Hereu. After a short private meeting, the institutional events commenced.

City Hall first

2010-07-02_VISITA_AJUNTAMENT_DE_BARCELONA_006.jpgRosell and Hereu posed for a photograph that typifies the good relations between the two entities. The new president was delighted with the reception. “Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are very happy to take the name of the city of Barcelona around the world”.

“It’s your home”

Jordi Hereu thanked president and his Junta: “I want to thank and congratulate Sandro Rosell on his responsibility for this major project and because his first action has been to visit these institutions” he said. “Behind FC Barcelona there is a great city and this city’s strength is behind you”. Hereu also explained how the club brings the city together, and how it represents the sentiments of most of its population.
Hereu ended his speech by saying that the City Hall is FC Barcelona’s home.

On to the Generalitat

2010-07-02_VISITA_GENERALITAT_DE_CATALUNYA_003.jpg“Barça loves Catalunya”. That is the sentiment that Sandro Rosell wished to ge across when he visited the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalan government. President José Montilla, vice-president Josep Lluís Carod-Rovira, general secretary to the vice president Rafel Niubó, and general secretary for sport Anna Pruna were all there to greet him.

“Barça loves Catalunya”

The president of FC Barcelona expressed his satisfaction on such an emblematic Friday. “We are honoured and grateful to be welcomed by our country’s government. We are doing all we can to make Catalunya proud to be represented by Barça”. Rosell said that the Camp Nou box will always be open for President Montilla: “Whenever you like, you will be welcome in our stadium and I hope you get to enjoy much sporting success”.

“Barça is a reference for Catalan, Spain and the planet”

2010-07-02_VISITA_GENERALITAT_DE_CATALUNYA_008.jpgThe President of the Generalitat said he was delighted to receive Rosell and his board, and was honoured by such a courteous gesture. “I want to respond to your visit by sincerely congratulating you. Barça is a reference for Catalan, Spain and the planet and most especially for the youngest generations”, he said. President Montilla was also impressed by the way Sandro Rosell, in his investiture, had said that he wants to be a president for all the club members. “Barça is to precious an asset to for specific positions to be defended” he commented.
Rosell welcomed by the institutions

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First press conference as President
On Friday evening, Sandro Rosell will be speaking to the media in his first press conference as president of FC Barcelona. It is scheduled for 19.00 in Sala París. An hour before, at 18.00, the vice-president for sport, Josep Maria Bartomeu, will be giving a press conference that will deal specifically with sporting issues.

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