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More than 3.000 Barça voices at the Bernabéu

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27.04.2011 23:58

More than 3.000 Barça voices at the Bernabéu

Pep Guardiola and his players were not alone in Madrid tonight: more than 3,000 Barça fans were at the game and made their voices heard throughout, as they thrilled to their team’s 0-2 win.

More than 3.000 Barça voices at the Bernabéu

Message in Catalan
UEFA authorised the Madrid loudspeakers to give the pre-match and final announcements to the Barça fans in their native Catalan.
The Santiago Bernabéu was packed out for the game, but the more than 3,000 Barça fans certainly made their presence felt and in their second big trip following the Cup Final in Valencia, they never stopped singing and cheering the team on.

The fans were sat high up in the Stadium and from the moment the gates were opened, they showed their support for the team, from the time the players came out onto the pitch before the game until the final whistle.

2011-04-27_CELEBRACION_CANALETAS_001.jpgCelebrations at Canaletes

The result was also celebrated at the Font de Canaletes de Barcelona, where the Barça fans traditionally congregate after a big win, as the Club’s supporters partied into the night to rejoice at the big step the team have made towards another Champions League final.

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