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Commitment card underway

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01.04.2011 13:27

Commitment card underway

From Friday, applications will be open for this card, the fourth method for becoming a member after possessing one for three years.

Commitment card underway

After new regulations were implemented, there were only three methods for becoming a Barça member: being under 15 years, being an adult relative up to one time removed of an active member, or having been a member in the past for at least two consecutive years.

For people that fail to comply with any of these, the club has now set up a fourth method, which is that of showing loyalty to the club by owning a commitment card for three years.

Identification with Barça sentiment

The club is addressing this new card at people that feel identified with the club and would like to become members after owning a commitment card for three years. “We are convinced that people that attach themselves to the club by means of one of these cards will be Barça supporters in the same way as those that have been members for years”, said vice president Jordi Cardoner.

People hoping to become members via this method will always have to make their application and also renew the card in person at the Barcelona Supporters Services Office (OAB). “Commitment, like the name of this card, is the value that we want to make the common denominator of members and supporters” said the head of the social area.

The annual fee for the card is 125 euros and they are valid for one calendar year (from January to December).

Bilateral commitment

2010-06-29_IMAGENES_OAB_006.jpgIt shows loyalty to the club for 3 full and consecutive years, after which the applicant has the right to make a definitive application to become a full member of FC Barcelona. The club must expressly accept this membership, considering the concurrence of the general requirements established by the Club Statutes.

“We have taken the responsibility of establishing this commitment card. We want this to be a commitment from both sides. The commitment of people that would like to become members and also the commitment of the club in order, after three years, to allow people to make an application to become members and have that application accepted”, said the vice president of the social area.

Applying for a Commitment Card

Applicants that want to become members by means of this method can do so in person at the Barcelona Supporters Services Office (OAB) and must bring the following documentation:

- Original and photocopy of National ID card / Passport
- Bank account details
- Payment of registration fee must be in cash or by credit card.

Advantages of the card

Owners of this card will be able to enjoy the Camp Nou Experience for free, will receive Barça Magazine and electronic newsletters from the club, and will get discounts on some tickets and at the club shop. They will also be able to get into handball, roller hockey and futsal matches for free, but not basketball, for which they will still have to buy tickets.

While somebody has not had this card for more than three years, they will not be considered members and their rights and obligations will not be determined by the Statutes for members. Neither will they be able to vote or participate in consultancy processes or the Assembly, and will have no preferential rights to the purchase of football first team tickets or to take part in draws for tickets for big matches, nor may they apply for season tickets in the stadium, take part in the Open Box draws or request assistance from the club’s ombudsman in relation to claims for rights and obligations.

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