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30.06.2010 18:44

Proposals for the new board


The outgoing FCB administration has left proposals for the new board to consider after their takeover on July 1, 2010.

During the release of the accounts for the 2009-10 season Barça treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín and corporate director general Joan Oliver they have outlined different proposals that will be made available to the new board so that they can evaluate their sustainability.

Shirt deal

One of the ideas is the possibility of signing an agreement with a company so that the name of UNICEF can be maintained on the club's shirts. "We have negotiated with a business so that the name associated with Barça continues to be UNICEF," Sala i Martín said. "They will pay not to have their name and thanks to them Barça can continue to help UNICEF."

Firm offer

2010-06-30_CUENTAS_07.JPGSala i Martín then explained the outgoing board considered that €22 million can be earned from this deal and that "there is a firm offer, but that has not yet reached that amount and that is why we have not signed it". He added: "We will leave the plan with the new board and they can close the offer tomorrow if they wanted to. The offer is already quite high and it is an amount that not many clubs would be able to earn."

Credit line

Another deal that could be on the verge of being sealed is that a new line of credit, valued at around €155 million, could be approved. Once the tax payments have been sorted from the old line from 2004 that continued up to €75 million then the new money can be made. New credit has been lined up, with the incorporation of new banks that is said to be much more flexible and cheaper and will allow the club more room to develop.

"A new line of credit has been negotiated, but with better conditions," Sala i Martín added. He then explained that the situation in 2004 had been "disastrous" with income of €138 million that meant credit represented 112 per cent. Today income is around €446 million meaning that the debt represents just 35 per cent. It is thought that the new board will approve the deal because Rosell and his team "seem to agree".
Proposals for the new board

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€60 million for players
Outgoing director Joan Oliver has revealed that the new board will have a set amount to spend bolstering the squad. "It would be about €60 million," he said when asked what transfer budget remains for next season. Added to that the possible sale of players means that "it is the fruit of a determined approach" of the current coaching team.

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