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28.06.2010 13:09

Collaboration with the Leo Messi Foundation


The FC Barcelona Foundation and the Leo Messi Foundation are working together on a number of projects in Argentina to help vulnerable children. These include a new centre, the fight against Chagas disease and the refurbishment of sports facilities.

The two foundations are cooperating to promote education, health care and sport in some of Argentina’s poorest areas. The work is focussed on three projects.

The A˝atuya XICS centre

A new centre is being set up in the installations of the Sagrada Familia school as part of the FC Barcelona Foundation’s international network of solidarity centres (XICS). Underprivileged children will be given help in the areas of education, health, nutrition, computing and sport as well as psychological support.

The A˝atuya centre will shortly be selecting the most needy children and plans to open its doors in the coming months.

The fight against Chagas disease

2009-09-23_ENTRENO_23.JPGThis region in the north of Argentina has a high incidence of Chagas disease, one of the so-called ‘forgotten diseases’ largely unknown in the developed world. It is a chronic disease caused by a parasite and is transmitted by a flying insect commonly found in these areas. It causes heart problems in those affected and leads to a high rate of mortality in otherwise healthy looking patients.

The nearby A˝atuya Hospital is being supplied with new equipment for early detection of the disease. The programme, including the training of personnel, is being carried out in collaboration with the University of Rosario.

Refurbishment of Rosario sports fields

The work to update these facilities, located in the Fonavi quarter in the south of Rosario, is almost finished. A large part of Messi’s family still live in the region and the Barca star is a frequent visitor.

In fact, Leo started playing football on these very sports fields but they fell into a poor state of repair. The aim is to develop a range of sporting and educational activities among the local children.
Collaboration with the Leo Messi Foundation
The next school year
Underprivileged children from this region of Argentina will be able to enjoy the benefits of these projects starting in the next school year. Sport in general, and football in particular, will be used as a tool for education and social integration.

This philosophy is shared by the two foundations and forms part of the agreement they signed in 2009. Further joint projects are planned, with a special focus on Africa.

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