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13.06.2010 18:57

Four ex presidents at the Camp Nou


Ex presidents Montal, Nuñez, Gaspart and Reyna all came to the stadium to vote for the 39th president in club history. This was what they had to say.

Agustí Montal, ex president of FC Barcelona (1969-77)

2010-06-13_VOTACION_AGUSTI_MONTAL_001.jpg“I will vote for the best president we could have after Laporta, who was also a great president. These are fantastic elections, because we are the best club in the world. I hope whoever wins is supported by everybody. It is incredible that so many people have come to vote. I desire all the best of luck to the new president. Whoever wins, they are all great Barça people and great Catalans”.

Josep Lluís Nuñez, ex president of FC Barcelona (1978-00)

“This is a great party, it’s very important. I think it was a good election campaign. There are lot of things that we have to maintain, and we must have objectives. Before asking anything of the new president, we have to know who he is”.

Joan Gaspart, ex president of FC Barcelona (2000-03)

2010-06-13_ELECCIONES_57.JPG“It is great democratic day for Barcelona. Today the Barça members can enjoy coming to vote. That’s what I have done, and enjoyed seeing how so many members, even with no game on, have come. Barça people need no motivation to come here and vote”.

Enric Reyna, ex president of FC Barcelona (2003)

“This is the day that the members come and give their opinion. It is important for the new president to have us all behind him. There is a relaxed and optimistic atmosphere. People have very clear ideas and that’s good. We could have been spared some things during the campaign, but it could have been worse”.
Fotos: Ruiz / Caparrós / Parga (FCB).
Fotos: Ruiz / Caparrós / Parga (FCB).

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