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13.06.2010 13:53

Barça members have their say


Coaches, sportspeople, former players, actors, politicians and other Barça dignitaries have come to vote at the Camp Nou this Sunday and were delighted with the excellent turnout. Here are some of their comments.

Carles Rexach, former FC Barcelona player and manager

rexach.jpg“We have had many days like this, but today and the last election have had the greatest atmosphere of all. There are huge expectations. Today I have come here with my granddaughter to have a look”.

“After all the debates this week a lot of people were undecided. I think the people have taken these elections very seriously”.

Marc Carmona, coach of the futsal first team

“It is a Barça festival. I have never been here before with my children and there’s a great atmosphere. Now we’ll vote and have a walk around the Camp Nou.”

Migueli, ex Barça player

migueli.jpg“It’s great so many people have come. That’s good for Barça. I hope the best man wins for the good of the club. When I retired from football I stayed linked to the youth teams and watch a lot of FC Barcelona games. It’s my team.”

Rafael Yuste, vice president for sport

150909_Arribada_jugadors_Aer.jpg“I voted for Jaume Ferrer. But I want to show my gratitude for the great turnout here. We have a lot to do until June 30. We want to create a great squad. We have been planning this for a long time.”

Lluís Bassat, ex presidential candidate

“Everybody should come on a day like this. Our club has the advantage that you can vote for the president. The campaign seemed shorter than ours, with each of the candidates doing a lot to defend their point of view.”

“Until yesterday 40% were undecided and those will be proportionately voting for the rest. That’s the law of statistics.”

Sergi López, actor

“I am here to celebrate something amazing, incredible. I have voted for Agustí Benedito because I’ve known him a long time. I am proud to belong to a club where this can happen, where there can be a candidate who was almost unknown a short time ago and now everyone’s saying he has a chance.”

Josep Maria Minguella, ex presidential candidate

minguella.jpg“I am impressed by the way people are experiencing Barça today. I thought there’d be a lot of absentees, but there are not that many. It’s a great party for Barça and I hope we all pick the right president”.

“I found it hard to choose, because there were some heavy and repetitive debates. A lot of members are indecisive and I have just said that they should vote with their consciences”.

“Barça likes to win, but the club also brings us so much happiness and you can’t buy that”.

Josep Cubells, secretary of the Board of Directors

“The club’s vitality cannot be improved. This is the most important event because it involves all the members’ participation”.

“There are a lot of people. The club has done all it can to make sure the people have a good day. We have until nine at night and want to make a call for the pace not to stop. The more people vote, the more the result reflects what the people want”.

Xavi Pascual, manager of Regal Barça

"It is very important for people to be able to express their vote. It makes the club greater. It is not an easy day after losing on Saturday, but we couldn’t miss today ".

Rodrigo de la Fuente, ex basketball player

“It is important that so many people are here. A lot of good things have been done to the club and I think we should continue on those lines, although there are things that could be improved.”

Víctor Muñoz, ex Barça player

“I have voted and now we have to wait. I have listened to all the proposals and made my decision. All of the candidates have the right to feel they could win.”

Xesco Espar, ex Barça handball coach

“I think it’s normal to come here with the family, they are all members. I think they’re all great candidates, but I decided on who was best for me. I think it’s important for them to support the other sports teams, although I do also follow football. We cannot demand things if we don’t come here to vote.”
Barça members have their say

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The voice of politics
Jordi Pujol, ex president of the Generalitat

“I have simply come to vote. I want FC Barcelona to continue developing as well as it has and to carry on being a great club that we can feel proud of and for this model to be continued.”

“I haven’t followed the campaign. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s important, but I can’t give an opinion.

“I just want Barça to win and to win well, with elegance, gentlemanliness, creating play and with positive football.”

Enric Lacalle, Catalan politician

“I voted for Sandro Rosell. He is a good friend and would make a good president”.

“Barça is a great club, more than a club, and today is a party day. Whoever wins, the real winner has to be Barça”.

Artur Mas, president of CiU

“I wanted to get here early because I’m busy the rest of the day. I had decided on my vote before the campaign, but I won’t say who I voted for. As the president of CiU I have to be neutral and I can’t let my voice influence other voters. I hope that whatever happens that Barça is left in good hands. There were comings and going in Laporta’s times, but it was clearly a brilliant period”.

Ernest Benach, president of the Parliament of Catalunya

“Members have the right to vote. It is something necessary for the clubs health. To have elections like this today, with so many different projects, makes us different to any other sports club in the world. For the members to be able to have their word is a value that makes us better.”

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