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13.06.2010 11:13

Candidates enjoy polling day


Voting has been ongoing throughout Sunday at Camp Nou as club members take the chance to choose who they want to be their next president out of Sandro Rosell, Jaume Ferrer, Agustí Benedito and Marc Ingla.

After they had cast their vote each candidate explained their feelings:

Sandro Rosell:

2010-06-13_ELECCIONES_23.JPG"I have always said that until the ballot boxes are closed one must remain prudent. One must respect the vote of all the members."

"The fans come and have their say. The supporters are the owners of this club."

"What is important is that voting goes well and we shall what the result will be and then the club can continue to move in the same direction."

"It is touching that I have come to vote alongside my father, mother, wife and my brothers."

Jaume Ferrer:

2010-06-13_ELECCIONES_26.JPG"I am delighted and pleased to see so many people. It is a very special day for the club. I would like to see as many people as possible come and vote because today is their day."

"I think the day will go well and without any incidents."

"The fans are deciding what the next six years of the club will be. I am very calm."

"It will be a great day. Since the first day there have been possibilities and I am very excited. We will have to wait now, but days I ago I began to feel like the president."

Agustí Benedito

2010-06-13_VOTACION_BENEDITO_002.jpg"This is a great festival of democracy. I am very pleased that the members can choose their representative and the project that they want."

"I am in favour of promoting participation as the elections are a very important aspect of things."

"I am pleased to have the chance to serve the best club in the world."

"For a long time now we have received a lot of support. I am convinced I will win the election."

Marc Ingla:

2010-06-13_VOTACION_INGLA_002.jpg"I am happy the participation is good. One our aims is to become the club with the greatest participation in the world. It will mean we can be even more than a club."

"It has been a positive campaign and now we would ask the supporters to make an effort."

"For now I am a candidate. One must keep one's feet on the ground. Since we began the campaign we have aimed to win and have been ambitious and innovative."

"The feeling is good, but it is a tough contest with an uncertain outcome. The undecided voters will decide."
Candidates enjoy polling day

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