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12.04.2010 12:37

Web and Facebook triumph with the clásico

Roger Bogunyà

After the Madrid v Barça game, the club website was visited by an astounding 330,000 people. And the news of the game on the club’s Facebook page received a staggering 40,000 comments.

Madrid v Barça is always special, as reflected by the traffic at www.fcbarcelona.cat. On the day after the game, our site was viewed by 416,140 people, with over two million pages read (2,170,760) by 332,285 single visitors. Quite some record

2-6, less visited

Last year’s historic 2-6 win led to 700,000 fewer visitors than this year’s win, totalling 1,484,349. In terms of single visitors, the stats were also higher this term, and were also higher than after Iniesta’s famous goal at Stamford Bridge and the day Ibrahimovic was presented at the Camp Nou.

Facebook madness

facebook.jpgThe FCB official Facebook page also registered amazing figures, and the match report was commented more than 42,000 times, with 36,000 fans clicking on ‘like’ and almost 6,000 writing opinions. On the day of Barça v Arsenal there were 7,000 fewer comments.
Web and Facebook triumph with the clásico
Record TV audience
The game brought all of Spain to its usual standstill. It took 67% of the share of the Saturday evening audience, and was seen by 11 million viewers. That’s a record for this year, which until now also pertained to a Barça match, the 4-1 win over Arsenal (4-1) last Tuesday, which was watched by an average of 8.3 million people.

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