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26.05.2009 12:11

Empire of Sports, Barça’s virtual game


On Wednesday, FC Barcelona becomes the first team in the world to have a virtual online club. This is all thanks to an agreement with Empire of Sports, the first online multisport game using 3D technology.

The idea is to give all Barça fans around the world a totally innovative meeting place, offering plenty of fun, interaction, shared experiences and competitions with other Barça fans around the world. At the same time, the FC Barcelona game offers a new element for communicating with the fans and new opportunity for expanding the brand internationally.

Evolution is the goal

Sergi2.jpgEmpire of Sports users can use their virtual character, their avatar, to compete in seven different sports. As they win games and tournaments, they evolve physically and technically (becoming a better sportsperson), and move up the world ranking, allowing for comparison with other users.

Barça competitions

BOC_Logo_v1.jpgFrom this Wednesday, Empire of Sports users can access the Barça Club House, where they can personalise their avatar with Barça gear. Wearing Barça kit will help the avatar to improve and progress in spectacular fashion, learning a whole series of dribbles, shots and skills that are so typical of FC Barcelona’s particular style. There will also be special Barça competitions, and a series of special missions to be completed. From the Barça Club House you can also connect to the FC Barcelona website, visit the club’s online store, learn about the first team’s results, view the fixture list, and much more.

Special rooms from June

coach.jpgUpstairs in the Barça Club House there is a VIP lounge with special characteristics, and a Barça Training Centre, where users can train virtually and make much faster sporting progress than fellow avatars. Users can register for these rooms from mid June, when they will be officially inaugurated.
If you want to explore the new Barça Club House at Empire of Sports you simply have to download the game from https://www.empireofsports.com/fcbarcelona/ca/index.html, get registered and start playing for free!

Click here to access the game:

English language: https://www.empireofsports.com/fcbarcelona/en/index.html

Spanish language: https://www.empireofsports.com/fcbarcelona/es/index.html

Catalan language: https://www.empireofsports.com/fcbarcelona/ca/index.html
Empire of Sports, Barça’s virtual game

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