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26.03.2009 12:45

New images of the old Carrer Indùstria ground


The material brought to the Museum by the family of Pepe Rodríguez includes, among other things, photographs of the old Carrer Indùstria ground, widening our visual records of the ground just as it celebrates its hundredth anniversary.

FOTO18_indus.jpgUntil now, the Club archives included almost no original photos of the old Carrer Indùstria ground, inaugurated on 14th March 1909. FC Barcelona has obtained a large quantity of original material allowing us to recreate the football of that time.

His ground

FOTO10_indus.jpgThe Carrer Indùstria ground witnessed the entire Barça career of Pepe Rodríguez, who joined the Club in 1910. Therefore, the vast majority of photos of the player in action are set against the background of the Carrer Indùstria ground – known popularly as L’Escopidora and also as Camp Vell. It had an instantly recognisable two-tier grandstand.

Photographs of the ground at that time have mostly shown players posing in the starting line-up together with occasional action shots. However, now we have many photos of the players in action which perfectly reveal the football of the time in the Club’s first great stadium.
New images of the old Carrer Indùstria ground
Historic data
The state of preservation of the material plus the care with which Pepe Rodríguez labelled the photos with names and dates – often in his own handwriting – are two of the elements that, almost a century later – also allow us to identify some of the players from the early history of the Club.

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