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03.07.2007 19:26

Navarro to go to NBA


FC Barcelona and Joan Carles Navarro have come to an agreement to negotiate a move for the player to the NBA. The player has thanked the club for everything ahead of his move to the United States.

Navarro is about to live his dream of playing in the NBA.  Since last year he has been planning to make the move across the pond, where the Washington Wizards are currently in possession of his rights.

Thanks to Barša

After announcing the agreement, Joan Carles Navarro thanked the club for everything it has done to promote his basketball career, “I am very happy with the facilities that the club has given me and especially President Joan Laporta for allowing me to make my dream come true and play in the NBA. Now I can only express my gratitude to the Barša fans and members, who have always shown their affection for me. I will never be able to forget them and will always be indebted to them.”

Convinced he’ll do well

Navarro is confident that he can prove his worth in the biggest basketball league in the world. “I have always felt I could play in the NBA” he said. “And face the best players in the world. Now I will try to produce all the ‘bombs’ I can on any court in the NBA.”
Navarro to go to NBA

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