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13.05.2008 13:00

Creus to become technical secretary


Joan Creus will take up the position of technical secretary of the basketball section at FC Barcelona from next season and will be responsible for all areas of planning for the Barša AXA team.

The current holder of the post, Zoran Savic, will step down from his position when his current contract expires on June 30.

Over the next few weeks, Savic will support Creus as the pair work together ahead of the 2008-09 campaign.

Presentation time

Creus will be presented as the new technical secretary once AXA Barša's season comes to a close.

National experience

QM3D9798.JPGJoan Creus spent two seasons as a player with FC Barcelona (1980-82) and has returned to the club after spending the last few seasons working on the coaching staff of the Spanish national team. During his time with Spain, the team won the gold medal in the World Championships in Japan in 2006 and the silver medal at the European Championships last year. Creus has also worked for various media outlets.
Creus to become technical secretary

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