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Cosme: “Cup, league and promotion: couldn’t be better”

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06.04.2008 14:46

Cosme: “Cup, league and promotion: couldn’t be better”

The Barça volleyball side beat UCAM Murcia by 3 sets to 0. The game was tough but the players enjoyed themselves and were able to celebrate promotion to the Super League.

“It’s been three years of effort to get promotion, three years coming and going from Almería, but I owe this project to where I’m from and the team I’ve always played for,” said Barça captain Cosme Prenafeta.

Since Cosme joined Pedro Lanero’s team three years ago Barça have had a series of triumphs, winning the Cup, the League and now promotion. But a team’s success is never just the work of individuals. Working together, the way the coach organises the side on the court, the efforts of each player and the motivation of Pep Carrasco have been the key factors in turning Barça into an exceptional volleyball outfit.

QM3D3791.jpgWhen asked what he’d like to say to his team-mates, Cosme said: “All I want to do is to thank them for these three years which have let me experience sport in a different way. Before I was a pro, and now I’m a semi-pro. The fun and excitement I’ve had and the people I’ve met who work all the time and want to exceed are the best gift I could get.”

Thanks, Pep

The last matchday in the Men’s Super League 2 will be remembered above all because of Pep Carrasco, head of the FCB volleyball section. Before the game began the Club paid tribute to him and thanked him for the work he has done over the years with a vest bearing the message “Thanks, Pep” worn by all the players. “That was fantastic and totally unexpected. I don’t get emotional very easily, but I just broke down,” said Carrasco, still visibly moved a few minutes after the event.

Turning to the Super League he said “I won’t be part of that project. My work for the Club ends with this promotion. I think that now the Club has to think about setting up a professional or semi-professional section where there will maybe be less of that emotion and romanticism which have helped us to win matches.”

Cosme: legend and person

“I’ll miss a lot of things about Cosme because in addition to being a colleague he’s also a friend. As a player he’s always been there in the good times and in the bad times. I’ll miss him firstly as a friend and secondly as a team-mate.” Gerard Aguilà, FCB volleyball player.

QM3D3855.jpg“Cosme is the best player in the history of Catalan volleyball and one of the greatest in the history of Spanish volleyball. Plus he’s a great guy. He’s a great friend to everyone and one of my best friends. That means that he combines two things: professionalism and a great heart which is what you need to play sports and win. Cosme has thus been a key factor in the success of the team.” Pep Carrasco, head of the FCB volleyball section.

“Cosme has meant a lot for FCB and for Spanish volleyball but all things come to an end and you have to take on board the idea that a new era is starting tomorrow.” Pedro Lanero, FCB volleyball coach.

“Playing with Cosme has been a chance to learn about volleyball and continue with my career as a sportsman. He’s a great guy and a great friend. I guess he’ll call in here one day but we’re all going to miss him a lot. Cosme is a fabulous person who is always there to help, who tells you things you can use to get better.” Torroelles, FCB volleyball player.
Cosme: “Cup, league and promotion: couldn’t be better”
The game
Even though coming into the match the FCB volleyball team was already just about the winner of the Super League 2, the players really turned it on in a display of energy, emotion and strength. The first period finished 25 to 23 in Barça’s favour with outstanding performances from Aguilà and Prenafeta. UCAM Murcia rotated their players to try to put Barça off its stride but to no avail and the second set ended up 25 to 15 for the Catalans. Finally in the third period Barcelona attacked the net and took the set by 25 to 23 to run out worthy winners.

“We’ll celebrate with a dinner for all the players who’ve turned out over these three years. And then I guess we’ll wait for the sun to come up,” said Cosme after receiving the trophy presented by the Chairman of the Spanish Federation to the team.

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