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News article on: More than a club

Image associated to news article on:  The most difficult challenge

The most difficult challenge

More than a club

FC Barcelona is more than a club in Catalonia because it is the sports club that most represents the country and is also one of its greatest ambassadors. Also, for different reasons, FC Barcelona is more than a club for many people living elsewhere in Spain, who see Barça as a staunch defender of democratic rights and freedom. Today, football has become a global phenomenon, and support for Barcelona has spread spectacularly around the world. The number of club members from outside of Catalonia and Spain is increasing daily, and the club wants to respond to that show of passion for Barça. This has developed into a need and an obligation. And the best way for the club to do that has been to take a step further and become more than a club around the world as well. This Barça that is so concerned for its people needs to be globalised. This caring and humanitarian Barça needs to be globalised.

Historic agreement
That is why the club has decided to contribute 0.7 per cent of its ordinary income to the FC Barcelona Foundation in order to set up international cooperation programmes for development, supports the UN Millennium Development Goals and has made a commitment to Unicef’s humanitarian aid programs through the donation of one and a half million euros for the next five years and now wears the Unicef logo on its shirts. An agreement that has made Barça unique.

A Global advertisement
This promotional film will be broadcast on a truly worldwide scale appearing simultaneously in all five continents. The television channels Eurosport (also Eurosport 2 and Eurosport News), North American’s ESPN, Japan’s Nippon TV, Middle East’s ART, Televisió de Catalunya (also TV3 internacional) and Barça TV (through more than 50 channels that distribute its signal internationally) will promote this campaign without any cost for the club and the Fundació. 

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