Mission and objectives

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News article on: Fundació FC Barcelona

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Mission and objectives


From the season 2010-11, the FC Barcelona Foundation begins a new chapter in its history. This is the outline of our new project which brings together new challenges and a variety of new approaches.

   -Sport as focal point
   -Promoting Catalonia via Barça
   -Chidlren and young people as main beneficiaries
   - Promoting values and education
Plan of action:
   - Bringing members closer to the club, in terms of activities and communication
   - Transparency in management, both on an economic and technical level
   - Supporting the strategic plans of the club
   - Exploring new areas of financing
   - Willingness to lead or co lead projects with counterparts with greater experience and knowledge


Since it was constituted in 1994, the Fundació FC Barcelona has been an eternal source of civilian participation through the numerous social, cultural and sporting activities that the club has organised, and which reflect the advanced society in which the club is located and the way that the Foundation is such an ideal vehicle for promoting them.

In 2006 FC Barcelona joined the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and donated of 0.7% of the club’s ordinary income to the Foundation to support its programmes and projects. This has led to the strengthening of our early alliances with Unicef, UNESCO and UNHCR/ACNUR, and was culminated with Futbol Club Barcelona being awarded a position as a member of the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations).