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News article on: Solidarity and cooperation

Image associated to news article on:XICS (International Network of Solidarity Centres)
Image associated to news article on:  XICS (International Network of Solidarity Centres)

XICS (International Network of Solidarity Centres)

“Sports also have to be included more systematically in aid programmes for children, and especially those who are living in the midst pf poverty, diseases and conflicts”. Kofi Annan. 7th UN General Secretary

In accordance with the words of Kofi Annan, the Fundació FC Barcelona has set up its 'Xarxa Internacional de Centres Solidaris' (International Network of Solidarity Centres - XICS) with the main objective being to set up extra-curricular centres on different continents that offer school support, health care, psycho-social support and access to sport and leisure for the most vulnerable children, and also consider gender equality issues.

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