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Five crests in one week

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Supporters' Clubs

16.12.2010 11:49

Five crests in one week

Five supporters clubs unveiled their club crests at the stadium on occasion of the matches with Rubin Kazan and Real Sociedad.

Uruguay club on a Champions League day

2010-12-12_INAUGURACION_ESCUDO_PB_DELS_LLIGALLOS_002.jpgPablo Martínez, president of the Penya Barcelonista de Montevideo Hector Scarone, along with Xavier Ilincheta, director of the Members’ Commission, did the honours of unveiling the club’s crest, which will hang for posterity on the stadium wall.

2010-12-12_INAUGURACION_ESCUDO_PB_LES_BORGES_BLANQUES_002.jpgWith one hundred members, and closely associated to the Casal Català in Montevideo, the club named after the Uruguayan Barça player in the 1920s, has been promoting the FC Barcelona name in the country for more than two years.

Four inaugurations on Sunday

2010-12-12_INAUGURACION_ESCUDO_PB_RIO_TIETAR_002.jpgOn Sunday 12, before the game with Real Sociedad, four clubs unveiled their crests. Elvira Pou, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, represented the club at the inaugurations of the crests of Peña Barcelonista Río Tiétar, and the club from the Terres de l’Ebre region, Penya Barcelonista Lligallos.

2010-12-12_INAUGURACION_ESCUDO_PB_SAN_ASENSIO_002.jpgMeanwhile, Jordi Durà, also of the Supporters Clubs Commission, oversaw the ceremonies to unveil the crests of the Peña Barcelonista San Asensio, from La Rioja, and the Penya Barcelonista Borges Blanques. And yet another series of ceremonies was topped off with a remarkable display from the first team.

Five crests in one week

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