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La PB Castellers inaugurada

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13.12.2010 09:43

The PB Castellers de Barcelona inaugurated

The first penya of castellers was officially inaugurated last Saturday with two towers at the penya’s headquarters, which is the same one of Castellers de Barcelona.

212 Carrer Bilbao held a meeting part of the penyes world in Barcelona. The PB Castellers de Barcelona was being officially inaugurated, and that was something to celebrate. FC Barcelona was represented by director of the Social Comission Santi Casas, and director of Penyes Comission Elvira Pou. Former football player Pep Moratalla, who gave the penya a shirt with its name on the back, also attended the event. Furthermore, a crest with the name of the penya was unveiled, so as to let these are the headquarters of both the penya and Castellers.

Castells exhibition

The new penya showed all the attendants what they can do. In just a few minutes the raised two towers, flying a Catalan and a Barça flags from their top.

Castells and Barça, identities of Catalunya

This penya has something that makes it special. This is the first one whose members are castellers, and therefore they represent two rather significative cultural features of Catalunya: on one side, castells, awarded as human cultural heritage by UNESCO, and, on the other, FC Barcelona, reputed all over the world.

Supporters of the PB Castellers de Barcelona during the celebration
Supporters of the PB Castellers de Barcelona during the celebration

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