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Laporta meets with Asturian supporters clubs

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21.09.2008 12:53

Laporta meets with Asturian supporters clubs

Joan Laporta took part in the XIII Asturian Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs Convention on Saturday. It was a convention at which the miners and mines of Asturias ended up taking the limelight.

No sooner had the Barça president landed in Asturias when he and vice-presidents Alfons Godall and Rafael Yuste were whisked away to Mieres, where they were met by the lord mayor in the town hall. Immediately afterwards, Laporta travelled to Valle de Turon, where he laid a floral tribute at the monument to the victims of the San Jose de Turon coal mine disaster.

Great hopes

200908_penyesasturies.jpgAs was the case when the first team arrived in Gijon, the Barcelona executive were accompanied at all times by supporters of the club. To be precise, over 200 people attended the small ceremony at the monument. The Turon Miners’ Choir, made up of 30 ex-miners, sang two songs and added a musical tone to proceedings.

Laporta works with the miners

presientibadores.jpgJoan Laporta took active part in an exhibition of “entibadores mineros”, wherby you have to build the frame which prevents the mine tunnel from collapsing. Laporta didn’t hesitate for a moment in helping the participants to lift one of the three wooden trunks used to build the frame. This gesture brought a round of applause from those present.

Official dinner

200908_penyesasturies_x6x.jpgFinally, there was a dinner which was attended by representatives of almost every supporters club in Asturias. After this dinner, vice-president Alfons Godall spoke about how the Barcelona executive members had noted “the great enthusiasm for Barcelona which is alive in Asturias”.
Laporta meets with Asturian supporters clubs
Fond memories
In his speech at the dinner, Joan Laporta referred to the fact that the last time he was with some Asturian supporters clubs and down a mine was in April 2006, when FC Barcelona ended up winning the league and Champions League. “Asturias is a land of conquerors and we want to re-conquer our recent past. I hope this will be a season of success”, he said.

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