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Tona inaugurates its supporters club

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17.09.2008 18:01

Tona inaugurates its supporters club

The Penya Blaugrana de Tona was inaugurated on September 7 with the support of most of the supporters clubs in Osona and Ripollès, and involved a number of events.

FC Barcelona director, Patrick Auset and former player, Julio Alberto Moreno, attended a series of events that began with a reception at the Tona Town Hall. The mayor, IMG_2664.jpgJosep Salom, welcomed the Barcelona expedition and thanked them for coming to the town. Salom also congratulated the president of the club, Eduard Vivas, “because it was high time Tona had a Barça supporters club”.

Presentation of the flag and street performances

Once the visit to the council offices was over, the Plaça Major was decked out to enjoy a performance by Tona’s own Esbart Dansaire and the giant Josep. Then came the high spot of the morning, the presentation of the supporters club flag by Dolors Grauges, who had embroidered the design. IMG_2690.jpg

The entourage then moved on to the Church of Sant Andreu where Priest Pere Devesa blessed the flag.

More than 10 people for dinner

The Centre Cívic La Canal was the venue for a magnificent gala dinner attended by more than one hundred Barça supporters. During the meal, director Patrick Auset spoke some words of gratitude and encouraged the supporters club to work towards making FC Barcelona even greater in a social sense. Julio Alberto IMG_2708.jpgMoreno spoke along similar lines and talked about his experiences with the Foundation working with underprivileged boys and girls around the world, using Barça and sport as the main tool.

In addition to the representatives of FC Barcelona and local council, the event was also attended by the delegate for the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council, Xavier Canudas, the president of the Casal de l’Avi, Martí Dalmases and Tona governors Miquel Espona and Lourdes Boneu.

Tona inaugurates its supporters club
Support from other clubs in the area
This inauguration was also attended by most of the other Barça supporters clubs in the district of Osona and Ripollès, as well as the president of the Penya Solera Barcelonista de Calella, Fernando Ballabriga. The clubs represented at this event were: Penya Barcelonista de Taradell, Penya Barcelonista de Manlleu, Penya Barcelonista El Cabreres, Penya Blau-grana de Torelló, Penya Blaugrana Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Penya Barcelonista Camprodon, Penya Barcelonista Vall de Ribes, Penya Barcelonista Centelles, Penya Blaugrana de Roda de Ter i Les Mesies, Penya Barcelonista Vall de Bisaura, Penya Barcelonista de Campdevànol, Penya Blaugrana de Montesquiu and Penya Barcelonista Collsuspina

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